Tips & Tricks for Playing Games on iPad & iPhone

Do you love to play your favorite Big Fish mobile games on your iPad or iPhone? If so you will want to get the most from your games on your iPhone or iPad. Check out the guide below to learn all the best tips & tricks for gaming on the iPad and iPhone!

1. Lock/Unlock the screen orientation

If you are playing games on the couch or playing games that involve tilting your mobile device locking screen orientation makes sense. This functionality became available after iOS4.


  • Double click the home button
  • Slide your finger to the right on the multi-tasking bar
  • You should see the music player icons, to the far left there will be an icon with a circular symbol, click this icon


For the iPad you can you the steps for the iPad above. Alternatively, you can use the mute button on the right hand side of the iPad.

  • Navigate to Settings-> General
  • Change ‘Use slide switch to:‘ from mute to lock rotation

2. Create folders of your favorite games

Are your mobile games cluttered across your iPhone or iPad, after the introduction of iOS 4, you can create a folder of your favorite games?


  • Click the home button once
  • Tap and hold down any app, the icons on the screen should start to wiggle, indicating you are in edit mode
  • If you move any app(game) on to another app(game), it will create a folder
  • You can then drag any other games in the same folder
  • If you want to rename your folder, while the icons are still wiggling, tap the folder once and then tap on the folder name, the keyboard will pop up allowing you to change the folder name
  • Press the home button and the icons will stop wiggling , indicating your are no longer in edit mode

3. Add your favorite games or games folder to the bottom bar icons

You may have noticed that there are a number of default icons across the bottom bar of the home screen: Typically these four icons will be Phone, Mail, Safari and iPod. If you wish you can replace one of these icons to be your favorite game or even your favorite games folder.


  • Click the home button once
  • Tap and hold down any app, the icons on the screen should start to wiggle, indicating you are in edit mode
  • Move one of the 4 icons away from the bottom bar
  • Move your favorite game or game folder to the bottom bar
  • Press the home button and icons will still wiggling , indicating your are no longer on edit mode

4. Sounds

Some people love the clicking of keys and the music of their games, whereas others love silence to concentrate on their game. Here is how you control the sound settings for games on the iPad or iPhone. The mute switch on iPhones and iPads does not stop all sounds. The game sounds will be muted but system sounds remain on. If you want to mute system sounds:

Navigate to Settings-> Sounds From here you can set your sound preferences e.g. you can disable keyboard clicks.

5. Save your battery

The longer your battery lasts the longer you can spend playing games. So here are some tips to conserve your battery life.

  • Reducing the brightness of your device, reduces your battery life

Navigate to Settings and the ‘brightness & wall paper’, From here you can reduce the default brightness settings. You may also consider using auto-brightness.

  • Turn Off Other Location Settings

Navigate to Settings->Privacy->Location Services From here you can disable all location services or enable/disable location services per app.

  • Turn off Bluetooth

Navigate to Settings->Bluetooth. From here you can disable the Bluetooth service.

  • Turn off Data Push or reduce its frequency

Navigate to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Fetch New Data. From here you can reduce the frequency of push data or disable push data.

6. Game Center

Game center is a must for mobile game fans. Since iOS 4.2 you can play your favorite mobile game with friends or soon-to-be friends anywhere in the world.

7. Accessibility Settings

Accessibility settings are designed for users with visual, auditory, or other physical disabilities on both the iPad and iPhone. Two examples of useful features include:

  • Zoom Navigate to Settings->General->Accessibility->Zoom

From hear you can enable zoom, this allows you zoom in on an area by double-tapping three fingers.

  • Triple click home

You can map triple clicking the Home button to one of four macros including functionality such as Invert Colors.

Navigate to Settings->General->Accessibility->Triple-Click Home

From here you can enable Triple-Click home button and choose which macros you wish to enable.

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